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Here's how it works. Write a list of 20 or more things that you've never done in your life. Please keep them limited to things you could have possibly done. (For example, don't say "I've never been to the moon or have been drafted by the Yankees or something like that). Your list can contain anything. It can have to do with travel, sex, personal experiences, etc.

Once you have your list, copy and paste someone else's list under it (be sure to give an LJ name to the list your coping.) and strike thru everything on their list that you HAVE done.

I've never:
Eaten lobster
Fake tanned
Been carded
Played kings
Been off this continent
Had a crush on a girl
Hit an animal with my car
Gotten a speeding ticket (knock on wood)
Seen the Pacific
Had sex on an airplane
Eaten ribs
Gone camping with guys
Worn glasses/contacts (excluding sunglasses of course)
Had athletes foot
Worked retail
Played on a soccer team
Fired a gun
Cooked a fish I caught.

Sam has never:
visited a black sand beach
used a polaroid camera
been in a wheelchair
read the bible
seen E.T.
seen Fantasia
been to the west coast
played a song in it's entirity on the guitar
spit on someone out of anger
been asked for my autograph
filed taxes
had ranch dressing
worn guy's underwear
made a birdhouse out of popsicle sticks
seen a skunk (in real life)
returned a gift
gotten in a food fight
thrown up on purpose
poked myself in the eye while putting on mascara
had a Furby
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